High Voltage Engineering & Renewable Energy

CKR Power specialises in all High/Medium Voltage electrical infrastructure associated with power distribution, transmission and reticulation as well as renewable energy engineering

As a result of the success seen with the numerous projects related to Data Centres and other Electrical and Civil Infrastructure projects, together with the number of clients requiring a total solution to manage their electrical requirements, CKR has invested in a new business focusing on high voltage infrastructure and overhead lines including renewable energy projects, called CKR Power Projects.

CKR Power Projects was incorporated in August 2021 with the specific focus on electrical design of high voltage substations, switching stations and overhead lines to cater for the electrical requirements of the infrastructure projects including those in the renewable sector.

With the expert design and project management experience of its team members, CKR delved into turnkey offerings for its clients. This turnkey solution encapsulates the design, construction and project management of the solution whereby CKR Power Projects is the single point of contact for the client to manage the costs and deliverables for the entire solution.

From the extensive experience in working with the metros and municipalities throughout South Africa, CKR Power Projects are positioned to manage Eskom and other municipalities on a Self-Build basis.

With NERSA having exempted embedded generation projects up to 100MW from having to apply for a license, this has opened the gateway for our clients to explore methodologies of not being reliant on municipal generated energy but to generate their own energy.

CKR Power Projects is well positioned to assist our clients in exploring and nurturing these options together.


  • High Voltage Electrical Engineering
  • Medium Voltage Electrical Engineering
  • Integration with Network Service Provider
  • Renewable Energy Power Plants
    • Photo Voltaic
    • Open cycle gas turbines
    • Hydroelectrical
    • Wind
    • Power evacuation
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
  • Grid Code Compliance
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • SCADA Integration
  • Control and Protection
  • Small Power Distribution