Eskom Transmission

Eskom Transmission

Spitskop 400/275/132 kV substation

The project made provision for the re-design of Spitskop 400/275/132 kV substation to accommodate the new 400 kV OHL from Medupi, as well as the outgoing OHL to various other transmission substations. The scope included the prelim, detail design, tender process and project management phases. This included all installation, erection, primary & secondary plant, earth works, transformers, buildings, and power & control cables, etc, commissioning and handing-over in a proper working condition of the substation to Eskom.

The 400 kV Spitskop/ Medupi system included:

  • 7 x fully equipped feeder bays and 1 x Spare feeder bay with double busbar selection and bypass Spitskop 1and 2, Marang 1, and the loop-in feeders: Spitskop 3, Pluto 1, and Matimba 1 and 2), and all the underpasses for the equipped and future feeders (Delta 1 and Spitskop 2 at busbar height), including the underpasses at the loop-in positions of Matimba-Spitskop 2 and Matimba-Pluto 1 into Medupi (to be at 20m height). Both Matimba lines are to be equipped with fault current limiting reactors at Medupi. (Fault limiting reactors to be decommissioned after full integration - Delta Epsilon constructed.)
  • 1 x line reactor bay (Marang 1 Line Reactor)
  • 6 x fully equipped generator transformer bays with double busbar selection (GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, GT5 and GT6), including a overhead strung conductor link bay for each of the units.
  • 2 x fully equipped coupling transformer bays with double busbar selection (T1 and T2)
  • 2 x bus coupler bays (Bus Coupler"A" and Bus Coupler "B")
  • 1 x fully equipped transfer coupler bay (Transfer Bus Coupler).
  • 5 x bus section bays (No.1 Bus Section 1, No.1 Bus Sections 2, No.1 Bus Section 3, No.1 Bus Sections 4, and No.1 Bus Section 5)
  • 2 x bus section isolator bays (No.2 Bus Section 1 Isolator and No.2 Bus Section 2 Isolator)
  • The 132 kV System - 2 x fully equipped coupling transformer bays with double busbar selection (T1 and T2)


Limpopo Region, South Africa