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  • 133kV, 88kV, 33kV, 22kV and 11kV networks.
  • HV and MV protection.
  • LV reticulation.
  • Area and street lighting

  • High stability electrical reticulation systems designed to minimise voltage disturbances and power outages.
  • The design, planning, construction and maintenance of municipal distribution networks, including medium voltage, low voltage, street lighting and service connection reticulation.

    The above includes low cost and informal settlement housing schemes, pump station designs, golf course lighting, golfing estates, industrial reticulation, etc.

  • UPS and back up Diesel generator systems designed to achieve optimum no break power supplies to computer and communications equipment as well as full standby supplies to Hotels, Casinos and mission critical services.
  • Complex Data Centre Power Supplies integrating Utility Supplies, Generators, automatic Transition Switches and UPS systems in a variety of configurations to suit the specific needs of the load can be provided. Proper design of these services will ensure a sustainable Power Continuity Plan detailing every eventuality.
  • Uptime Institute and TIA 942 define various Tier levels which classify the types of power distribution into single path distributions, Single path with Redundancy, Concurrently Maintainable and Fault Tolerant facilities.

  • Lightning and surge protection systems for low voltage networks, data and telecommunications systems. Use of coordinated surge protection devices to suit each application.

  • Optimised lighting solutions using computer models for a wide range of environments.
  • Specific solutions to minimise eye strain and maximise comfort levels in office environments.
  • Theatrical effects for recreation and entertainment facilities.

  • Emergency escape route lighting systems.