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CKR Consulting Engineers has a formal policy in place for the advancement of previously disadvantaged individuals.

The programme comprises the following aspects:
  • An aggressive recruitment programme for previously disadvantaged South Africans. All vacancies are preferentially filled by PDI’s through the identification of suitably qualified individuals, or individuals who would benefit from further education and training.
  • Spawning BEE through our business activities.

The following achievements have been made in the above regard:

Nala Consulting Engineers (Pty) Limited:

Mr. M. C. Galal joined CKR in September 1997. His performance as consulting engineer with the company earned him a directorship in 1999. He was further encouraged to form his own PDE Company, currently known as Nala Consulting Engineers (Pty) Limited. The company was established in January 2001, and since then has grown to include a Pretoria office and a presence in Durban and Cape Town.

Skills Development and Training:

  • CKR has active policies and procedures in place to further the advance of BEE staff.
  • Training methods are primarily 'on the job' related, but Autocad courses, lighting courses and product knowledge courses are utilised to advance candidate knowledge and expertise.
  • Bursaries are offered to BEE candidates who have an aptitude for engineering.
  • Bursaries are also offered to university students completing their degrees in the electrical and mechanical engineering fields.

Skills Transfer / Enterprise Development:

  • CKR has been involved in nurturing, advising and sometimes managing BEE enterprises involved in the construction industry. These companies include electrical contracting firms, aspiring electrical contractors and data networking companies.

Social Responsibility:

  • CKR is a donor to various charities including old age homes and children's homes.